Bais Medrash of Dexter Park

About us

Bais Medrash of Dexter Park seeks to train students in the skills required for understanding, studying and mastering the Talmud and the considerable body of traditional Jewish thought. A strong emphasis is placed on Halachic comprehension from the Talmud, as well as from modern day practical Halachic rulings. At the same time, we are committed to the understanding that knowledge is a means to a larger end. We seek therefore to help students build a Torah hashkafa, a world outlook drawn from the ethical and moral concepts of Judaism.

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Academic Program

“[We aim]To raise the students’ level of learning to the point that they will be capable of furthering their studies at top tier institutions.” (from our mission statement)

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[We aim]To provide a superb faculty of instructors who will serve both as personal role models and as patient mentors, both in academia and in moral values.” (from our mission statement)

Academic Calendar

Fall: August 29, 2022-December 15, 2022

       (Fall-1: August 29, 2022-October 3, 2022)

      (Fall-2: October 26, 2022-December 15, 2022)

Fall Break: October 4, 2022-October 25, 2022

Spring: December 19, 2022-March 23, 2023

Spring Breaks: December 23, 2022 -December 25, 2023, March 7, 2023-March 8, 2023

Summer: April 24, 2023-July 18, 2023


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Bais Medrash of Dexter Park

445 South Pascack Road

Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977

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